Sunday, March 6, 2022

Fond Farewells

 Hello friends!  Well I have some news to share with you all today, I am busy with lots of stuff going on in my life, mostly some down time and personal things.  I stepped down off of all my teams and am trying to regroup and take some much needed family time.  

I've spent the last 25 years working, scrapbooking for manufacturers and stores around the world and met so many wonderful people all over the world, however it's time to take a break and enjoy some family, friends and create for myself. I've been working out and getting in shape.  Reading the Bible which was on my bucket list after retirement and I have taken a deep dive into that and so grateful that I did.

I recently got off Facebook and left so many friends and my family connections behind there. I will probably leave Instagram soon.  If you want to get in touch I have an email in the upper right hand sidebar of my blog and you can drop me a line there.  I feel so much better.  If you want to follow my creative life you can do that here.  I also have a forum where we can chat privately if you would like to join.  It's by approval only. here is the website.

My youngest sisters have moved back the the area and we are really enjoying each other's company.  So happy to have them in my everyday life again.  My sister Annie is a Quilter and she has inspired me to start quilting.  I did try it years ago but with a full time job and my love for scrapbooking and card making it left me little time for another hobby.  I've made a table runner and a small baby quilt so far and I'm just getting ready to start a much larger project.  My husband Jeff is already begging for a quilt so he is now on the list for a new project.  

I hope that many of my friends will find a way to follow me or email me and stay in touch.  I've heard from several of you and will keep you in my contacts. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!  


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