Friday, September 18, 2015

Scrapping with Friends

Last Saturday was a good day!  I spent Saturday with some good friends who are not only good friends , but very good people.  They genuinely care about others and it shows in everything they do and say.  I didn't much scrapped but I did get to spend my day with great company and loved getting some time away!

Here is the only layout I finished!  I love sunflowers and Fall and on my way to Colorado I saw a beautiful field of sunflowers and stopped to take this photo.

I used some Prima I had in my stash and several other items I had. It was fun just scrapping for me and I think every designer needs to do that occasionally. I'm so happy to have this creative keeps me sane when things are not going like they should.

This year has been tough on our family, we have been dealing with loss of life with several very close family members.  We have also been dealing with a person who has decided to stalk me and try and cause some trouble.  Fortunately the local PD, DCI, USPS and a PI have found the person/persons harassing us and are just waiting for the next move, sometime around January.   The best part is if they don't do anything there is still enough of a paper trail to arrest them.  So just patiently waiting for that to happen.  I feel better knowing that is coming soon.  I know the person and he is about to get his payback.  On that note....I'm ready for better times and 2016!

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